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Collect NFTs to fund science.

Scientific and technological innovation, especially early stage, faces two problems:
1. It's hard to communicate.
2. Funding relies on complicated legacy institutions: it is difficult to access, and not directly distributed to the researchers.

Our LAB gallery pairs artists and scientists to inspire interest in science through art. By collecting the art piece, anyone can become a direct patron of a brilliant scientist.

Auction ends Dec 11th


In the collection CREATIVE NATURE OF TOTAL SYNTHESIS, imagination encounters life, science encounters aesthetic. We look closer at the concept of organically synthesizing and designing life. Technology is paving the path to a new chapter for humanity. Imagination can lead to synthesized living materials whether they are plants, tissues, or mesmerizing creatures. Collect art and support scientists Jean Hebert, Daniel Ives, and Emil Kendziorra via the collections below.



NFTs will be available for auction sale from the 4th to the 11th, December 2021